Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How I started Quilting

One fall day I decided to make a quilt for my husbands birthday (oct. 27th) I had never known anyone to make a blanket, a quilt or anything. I went to the fabric store and picked out some fabrics, even FUR (yes that was the sign I knew nothing what I was doing) I didn't have a sewing machine (although I had sewed in High School and LOVED it), so I decided to hand sew the fabric. So I cut and sewed. At the fabric store when I went back, I told the lady I was new and excited about this, so she gave me some tips...the 1st being...WASH all your fabric first. Hmm...this seemed odd since we typically don't wash clothes when we first get them. So I went home and threw the quilt top in the washer. (mind you, just the quilt top), I took it from wash to dryer, and was so happy when it was done. I took it out and noticed that 75% had already fallen apart. I cried. Well, needless to say I learned to wash the material first the hard way. Then I went to SEARS and bought my 1st sewing machine (which I ran into the ground after 2 years)
At this time I did TIE KNOT quilt (the one my grandma had done before I was born), and the next few were the same. I had no idea at this time you could quilt with a machine! far have I come!
I finally finished that it is (it's ugly mind you) I really don't think Scott liked it very much, it was/IS ugly, but I made it for him and I did it out of love.
Without further is my very first, very ugly, impractical quilt.....

Rag, Mermaids, Horse Qults

These are all Project Sunshine Quilts for Kids. The Winter Horse scene has a frayed edge binding. Children LOVE a frayed, ragged, loop rag edging, gives there little fingers something to twiddle with while they are snuggling there favorite blanket. In fact,,,,adults love it to!

Dusty's Money Quilt

This is my 9 year old son Dusty's quilt I made for Christmas. He LOVES money. The green fabric has black swish dollar signs on it, then the main print is bills of all denominations then the sashing is change :) Because I was in a bind for time, (no pun intended) I did a simple all over quilting.